Remake Learning Days

Join us for a showcase of hands-on, engaging educational experiences for kids of all ages, at the Johnson County Community College campus.

a young boy smiles and reaches for bubbles on a sunny day


  • 10 a.m. Discover your inner artist with hands-on activities in the Midwest Trust Center (MTC) lobby, led by the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • 11 a.m. Dance and sing along with Jim “Mr. Stinky Feet” Cosgrove, Dino O’Dell and Funky Mama at a 60-minute MTC Kids Jam Concert in Polsky Theatre. Tickets for the concert are required for admission. Please call the MTC Box Office directly at 913-469-4445 to reserve tickets.
  • Noon-3 p.m. Dive into learning with STEAM activities across campus sponsored by JCCC’s academic departments. Choose the ones you wish to attend by registering for Remake Learning Days activities. New sessions begin every half hour (noon, 12:30 p.m., 1 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 2 p.m. & 2:30 p.m.).
  • 3 p.m. Treat the family to an outdoor KC Symphony Mobile Music Box concert. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs to the parking lot between MTC and Regnier Center (RC) and enjoy an unforgettable 40-minute performance.

Museum Sculpture Hunt (Nerman Museum)

Location: Meet at bronze Hare & Bell statue between OCB and Library; Rainy Day backup: NMOCA Welcome Desk
The Nerman Museum’s Student Advisory Committee has planned fun art activities for all ages! Enjoy the Museum’s critically acclaimed outdoor sculpture collection, get FREE art supplies and special gifts, plus free exhibition admission. Museum programs are generously sponsored by the Jedel Family Foundation.

Dance the Graph (Physics)

Location: CLB 413
As you walk toward and away from a device called an ultrasonic motion detector, it shows you the graph of your motion on a computer screen. Physics requires understanding graphs of motion. Move about and see what shapes appear on the graph. Can you create the shapes suggested on the poster? Show us your best dance moves as you try to make the shapes the app challenges you to by moving your body.

Sparks and Spinning: The Magic of Physics (Physics)

Location: CLB 409
Watch as sparks fly from a Van de Graaf generator. Marvel at how holding a spinning wheel while standing on a turntable makes you turn. Physics has many fun demonstrations that show various basic principles. This short “magic show” will include a variety of demonstrations, some with volunteers from the audience.

Hands in the Sand: Explore Earth Processes (Geoscience)

Location: CLB 403
Create landforms like mountains, volcanoes and valleys in the sand. The Augmented Reality Sandbox will project contour lines on the landforms to create topographic maps that we’ll interpret together. The stream table will generate running water so we can observe how landforms change when influenced by this powerful force of nature.

Using Color in Chemistry (Chemistry)

Location: CLB 207
Explore how different atoms make different colors. Discover how different firework colors are made. Try some of the tools scientists use to see those colors, and learn more about what atoms make up a molecule or solution

Decode the Instructions for Life with DNA Sequence Bracelets (Bio Science)

Location: CoLab - OCB 100
Select a DNA sequence that is interesting to you (carnivorous plant, spitting cobra, butterfly, chimpanzee). Learn about this organism and use a small sequence of DNA to make a bracelet showcasing the genetic language of life.

Mix it Up: Creating Emulsions (Culinary)

Location: WHCA Atrium
An emulsion is what happens when two liquids that don’t normally want to blend together, do! Learn what an emulsion is, how it’s frequently used in cooking and how to replicate it at home to make a yummy salad dressing!

FREEZE! Food Fun with Liquid Nitrogen (Culinary)

Location: WHCA 145
Liquid nitrogen is capable of freezing substances instantly! You’ve seen it in action on your favorite cooking show. Now come experiment with it with the help of our highly trained culinary faculty. All snacks provided will be nut-, egg- and gluten-free.

Stepping Out the Solar System (Geoscience)

Location: Volleyball Courts outside OCB; Rainy Day Backup: COM 2 Hallways
How far away is the Earth from the Sun? What about Mars and Jupiter? In this fun, large-scale activity you and your family will use your bodies to stand in for planets to create a relative scale of distance between the planets in our solar system. You’ll be amazed at how close some planets are and how far away others are located!

Recycling Rodeo (Sustainability)

Location: MTC 107
Reduce, reuse and RECYCLE! Recycling is the name of the game in this fun, high-energy sorting competition where participants grab a random item from their team leader and ride broomstick horses and barrel race through recycling, compost and trash bins, while they try to determine where to correctly drop their item into the appropriate recycling receptacle. Teams win on the most correctly sorted items, and tie breakers are won on time.

Questions? Contact Sarah Armbrecht, Early College Events Coordinator, at or 913-469-8500, ext. 3167.

Hosted by JCCC Early College Partnerships & Outreach