American Indian Art Collection

Selections from the Nerman Museum's permanent collection are on display in several designated museum galleries and within various special exhibitions. With nearly 400 works of art on permanent display across campus, the college demonstrates the philosophy of “living with art” through a series of media focus areas designed to facilitate interaction with art on a daily basis.

American Indian artists are an integral part of contemporary American culture, while they may work in traditional media such as pottery, beadwork or weaving, the works they create are informed by the times in which they live. A number of the artists represented in the collection have degrees from universities such as Georgetown University and the University of California-Los Angeles but chose to return to reservations or pueblos to work in a traditional art forms passed down through family members. And many of the pieces reflect a utilitarian origin, as expressed in their form or material usage. Ultimately the JCCC installation showcases the importance and continuity of contemporary American Indian culture. Their artistic contributions are enormous. And we wanted to represent that within our collection on campus.

- Bruce Hartman, founding Executive Director (retired), Nerman Museum