Tatsuo Miyajima · Running Time

Tatsuo Miyajima has, over the past decade, attracted international attention with his provocative installations of electronic digital counters. Continuing the Japanese tradition of exploring time and space as a form of artistic subject matter, Miyajima’s mesmerizing technologies forge a poignant union of the ancient and the new. Running Time is an installation consisting of 85 U-cars (“uncertainty cars”), each mounted with a blinking LED display, coursing through the darkened gallery. The constant movement of the cars and the passage of time indicated by the LED displays suggest both macro and micro models of reality, from the possibility of atoms and neutrons colliding into each other to a solar system of planets and stars in a constant and restless expansion.

Miyajima was born in 1957 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan. In 1986 he completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Michael Auping, chief curator at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, will present an overview of Miyajima’s work in conjunction with the opening in the JCCC Gallery of Art.

The accompanying gallery guide includes an abbreviated version of Auping’s essay titled “Theater of Time” from Tatsuo Miyajima: Big Time, published in 1996 by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in conjunction with a survey of Miyajima's art held that year. The exhibition subsequently traveled to the Heyward Gallery, London, generously funded by the Sprint Foundation.