Clay Collection

Selections from the Nerman Museum’s permanent collection are on display in several designated museum galleries and within various special exhibitions. With nearly 400 works of art on permanent display across campus, the college demonstrates the philosophy of “living with art” through a series of media focus areas designed to facilitate interaction with art on a daily basis.

More than just a “container” for art, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (and the JCCC campus at large) serves as a laboratory of sorts – a place where students across curricula can encounter contemporary art, challenge assumptions, exchange ideas, and express themselves in new ways. For several years, the fine arts and art history departments have taken advantage of their proximity to the stellar art collection. Laura-Harris Gascogne, JCCC ceramics professor, for example, frequently can be seen in the halls of the Carlsen Center studying the work of such artists as Kenneth Ferguson, Jim Leedy, or Rudy Autio.

– Dr. Allison Smith, JCCC associate professor and chair, art history