Vision, Mission and Principles


The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and its campuswide art installation program enhances Johnson County Community College’s national leadership position in higher education; advances the cultural profile of Johnson County, metropolitan Kansas City and the state of Kansas; and serves as a major cultural center for the region.


The mission of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and its campuswide art installation program is to be an interdisciplinary academic resource for students and faculty, and a cultural center for exhibiting, interpreting, collecting and preserving works of contemporary art in a wide range of media.

With a commitment to serving both this and future generations, the Nerman Museum’s primary roles are to: 

  • Educate students, the college community and the public about the art of their time by maintaining an art acquisition and exhibition program, and related educational programming focused on contemporary art.
  • Provide a campuswide art installation program that incorporates art into the daily lives of students, serves as a readily accessible resource for academic instruction and community engagement, and accommodates the growing collection.

Guiding Principles of the Nerman Museum’s Operational Policies and Procedures

To achieve the above mission, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art will maintain and periodically review policies and procedures that:

  1. Offer programming that enhances the educational goals of Johnson County Community College; promotes continuous learning; fosters dialogue, encourages critical thinking and raises appreciation of diverse views; and enriches the cultural vitality of the campus, Johnson County and the region;
  2. Assure the highest standards of integrity and quality in the exhibition, collection and interpretation of works of art;
  3. Ensure academic/curatorial freedoms in exhibitions, acquisitions and educational programming in accordance with community standards;
  4. Maintain an active collections management program that is supported by periodic evaluations of and recommendations for the collection; and
  5. Preserve the ability of the museum to serve future generations with exhibitions of art of their time by avoiding gifts and long-term loans containing provisions that impair museum operations.