Sculpture Collection

Selections from the Nerman Museum’s permanent collection are on display in several designated museum galleries and within various special exhibitions. With nearly 400 works of art on permanent display across campus, the college demonstrates the philosophy of “living with art” through a series of media focus areas designed to facilitate interaction with art on a daily basis.

With major works of art lining the hallways, in the student dining areas, in the administrative offices and in outdoor courtyards, the Nerman director hopes to spark “a spontaneous engagement with art” for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the college. Some of these art encounters are playful and do not require prior knowledge to enjoy them, as is the case with Barry Flanagan’s Hare and Bell located in the college’s central quad. Students can often be found playing frisbee “at the rabbit,” lunging past other students who visit with friends or study at the Jesus Bautista Moroles fountain trickling nearby. Other works on campus are more contemplative and force viewers to step outside their own life experience to identify with another’s, such as Magdalena Abakanowicz’ Two on Beam, which the artist sited in a quiet, more remote area on campus.

– Dr. Allison Smith, JCCC associate professor and chair, art history