New Media Collection

Selections from the Nerman Museum’s permanent collection are on display in several designated museum galleries and within various special exhibitions. With nearly 400 works of art on permanent display across campus, the college demonstrates the philosophy of “living with art” through a series of media focus areas designed to facilitate interaction with art on a daily basis.

We are open to art that will be developed in the 21st century. With new technology, scientific break-throughs, social conflicts, and sometimes terrifying challenges, artists will as always reflect, sometimes reject, but always embrace the new world. We anticipate that there will be new media that has as yet not been conceived. This is one reason that we funded the New Media Gallery. As artists create their work in this new world we hope to be around for many years supporting their efforts and collecting their work. This tension of looking into the unknowable future is what creates the excitement of collecting contemporary art.

– Tony and Marti Oppenheimer

Meet artist Leo Villareal as he discusses his work, Microcosm, designed for the the museum entrance. Refer to past exhibitions for the Leo Villareal Exhibition and video.