Collection Focus Areas

To reach the largest, most diverse audience, Johnson County Community College embarked on an unprecedented and ambitious project - installing much of our collection within the daily environment of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We have created collection focus areas in our corridors, dining halls and other highly visible and accessible locations, sparking a spontaneous engagement with art.

Thousands of people enjoy the JCCC collection daily in a manner that encourages them to experience art as an integral part of their everyday lives rather than limiting that interaction to museum visits. It is rewarding to observe students as they suddenly discover themselves amidst major works of art, simply by walking to class or lunch. We see them describing to friends which photographs they prefer or dislike, wondering how an artist executed a spectacular vessel or pondering the meaning of a painting or sculpture.
Whether a student or visitor is 18 or 80, we offer him or her immediate access to important art of our time. We encourage creativity, intellectual curiosity, diversity, and support of the arts by living with art.