D.F. Miller

D.F. Miller’s exhibition involves the large-scale installation of an architecturally attached, machine-driven sculpture, Vectorgraph No. 12. In Miller’s kinetic work, a complex mechanical system is used to rotate thousands of bits of silver lamé fabric through the interior space of the gallery. His machine creates atmospheric clouds of moving particles that are reminiscent of insect swarms, snowflakes or confetti. The three-dimensional, abstract composition is marked by hypnotic visual rhythms.

“Miller’s space loom in motion ... mocks time, making space into a pliant playing field. Miller literally draws in space, following Gödel’s math and physics models, which locate meaning by eliminating content . . . With its finely calibrated 'arrows' and their shadow doubles, Miller’s sophisticated, harmonic loom aims to arouse the viewer’s subliminal, emotional and personal responses.”

— Jan Garden Castro, Sculpture Magazine, December 1997

A resident of Kansas City, D.F. Miller received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1980. He has recently participated in group exhibitions at the Forum for Contemporary Art in St. Louis and the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, as well as other venues. This is his first one-person exhibit in the Kansas City area.