Allison Schulnik · Hobo Clown

Describing the film as “a fractured, psychedelic-abstraction,” Allison Schulnik substituted her paints and canvas for sculpted clay and miniature sets in an attempt to bring the misfit subjects of her paintings to life. Grounded against strange, desolate landscapes, her Hobo Clown characters were manipulated at 24-frames-per-second between restrained, subtle movement and literally having their humanity turned inside out. First exhibited in 2008 at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York, this is her first animated work.

Based in Los Angeles, Schulnik holds a BFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts. The Nerman Museum owns her paintings Skipping Skeletons, Performance 2 and Ariel 2, and her 2011 video Mound, all gifts of Marti and Tony Oppenheimer. She has exhibited her work throughout the nation and abroad in Austria, Belize, Germany, Italy and the U.K.