Abstract · Kansas City

Spanning fifty years of abstraction in Kansas City, this exhibition celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the college’s art collection. It also reflects the college’s and museums’ depth of commitment to artists who have a biographical or geographical connection to the Kansas City area. Begun in 1981, the JCCC collection exceeded 1,000 works of contemporary art in January 2011. Approximately thirty percent of the collection now showcases the achievements of artists associated with metropolitan Kansas City.

The current exhibition focuses upon a rich history of abstract painting in Kansas City, but also extends to works on paper, photography, and clay. Ranging from artist Wilbur Niewald’s 1961 landscape-inspired watercolor to Lauren Mabry’s 2011 cylindrical vessel, the show provides an opportunity to establish dialogue between thirty-four works by thirty-two artists.

Artists Included in Abstract Kansas City
Corrie Baldauf Rachel Hayes Garry Noland Jered Sprecher
James Brinsfield Ke-Sook Lee John Ochs Caleb Taylor
Joe Bussell Jim Leedy Sharon Patten Larry Thomas
Dan Christensen Anne Lindberg Vince Roark Mary Wessel
Brian Fahlstrom Lauren Mabry Warren Rosser Stanley Whitney
Nate Fors Grant Miller Eric Sall Sandy Winters
Lester Goldman Amy Myers Ron Slowinski Matt Wycoff
David Harrison Wilbur Niewald Kent Michael Smith Andrzej Zielinski