Charlotte Street Foundation Fellows · 2014

Amy Kligman · Garry Noland · Sean Starowitz

The Charlotte Street Visual Artist Awards Exhibition will feature the works of the three artists who won the 2014 Charlotte Street Foundation Awards: Amy Kligman, Garry Noland and Sean Starowitz. The three fellows were selected through a competitive process, which began with open calls for applications from artists based in the five-county Kansas City metropolitan area. The final three were selected by a panel of local and national curators.

Amy Kligman creates paintings and mixed media works that reflect on the middle class environments in which she grew up. Her visual vocabulary includes flaking linoleum, AstroTurf, wormy tendrils of shag carpet, fistfuls of paper confetti and other bits of Middle American detritus. In her work, she oscillates between the mundane and the uncanny, seeking a reflection of the very strange against the very normal. Kligman’s work has been published in New American Paintings and exhibited nationally. In 2001, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

Garry Noland is interested in transforming materials and experiences into new identities through his art. His work involves accumulating, stacking, layering and collaging, using such materials as adhesive tape, Styrofoam, plastic tubes, marbles and bubble wrap. His work has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions across the country. Noland graduated from the University of Missouri in Kansas City with a Bachelor of Art in art history.

Sean Starowitz’s work is realized in a variety of social, political and community engaged contexts. Notable projects include “BREAD! KC,” a monthly series of migrating dining events generating micro-grants for artist projects and “Byproduct: The Laundromat,” a series of discussions, performances, installations and events organized for Kansas City’s Walnut Street Laundromat. Starowitz is a 2010 graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Charlotte Street Foundation has nurtured and empowered thousands of artists for 17 years, distributing more than $900,000 in awards and grants to artists and their projects, and connecting individual artists to each other and the Greater Kansas City community. The Nerman Museum has hosted the Visual Artist Awards exhibition for many years on a rotating basis.

A gallery guide with essay by Gilbert Vicario, senior curator, DesMoines Art Center, will accompany the exhibition.