Barry Anderson · Fragments of Space

Fragments of Space is a series of animations exploring imaginary architectural and psychological spaces. These minimalist works exist as endless, inescapable movements of exploration and claustrophobia. In the piece showing now, created especially for the Nerman Museum’s 10-year anniversary celebration, space shifts and folds in a rhythmic pace, unwrapping a futuristic and ritualistic environment. The music helps propel the rhythm to heighten the physical experience of the space.

The animation was created wholly using digital 3D design tools similar to ones used for the creation of product design and cinematic VFX. This process allows for a sense of realistic light and weight within an imaginary, nonsensical environment.

Anderson was born in Greenville, Texas, in 1969. He holds an MFA from Indiana University and a BFA from the University of Texas, Austin. He is an Associate Professor of Art & Art History and teaches new media at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. His work in video and installation has been shown extensively around the country as well as abroad. He lives in Westwood, Kansas. His 2008 work Op Eyes was a special commission for the Nerman Museum, and it has been displayed projected in the Regnier Center Cube, on the wall of the Oppenheimer New Media Gallery, and on the museum’s lobby television monitor