Foresight/Insight · Reflecting on the Museum’s Collection

Foresight/Insight · Reflecting on the Museum’s Collection celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Johnson County Community College. The exhibition recognizes the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art’s extraordinary collection and features 30 “New to View” works.

Founded in 1969, JCCC is consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 community colleges in America. The College’s long commitment to the visual and performing arts has contributed to its prestigious reputation.

Within 11 years of its founding, JCCC initiated a collection of contemporary art to ensure that students would have access to original works of art. That collection now exceeds more than 1,700 works; many are on view in the Nerman Museum or in Collection Focus Areas installed throughout the campus. In 2006, JCCC was named one of the “Big 10” colleges or universities in America for art on campus. A number of the works included in this exhibition (and elsewhere in the museum or on campus) were acquired in association with unique exhibitions organized for the College’s former Gallery of Art (1990-2006) or museum (2007- present).

The collection includes numerous masterworks by renowned artists, as well as recently created works by emerging artists. Many pieces have traveled great distances to be viewed in national and international exhibitions. Some works have attained iconic status with the Nerman Museum, as well as with our community. This remarkable collection is a testament to the vision and foresight of the Nerman Museum’s staff and patrons, JCCC’s elected trustees and the students, faculty and administrators who have diligently assisted in the assembly of these works over four decades.

The Nerman Museum, through its acclaimed exhibitions, renowned collection and innovative educational programming, is a national leader in contemporary art. The collection also celebrates diversity (across race, gender, ethnicity, generations, etc.), imagination and the power of visual language. Additionally, the museum’s emphasis on contemporary American Indian art within the collection distinguishes it from all other major contemporary art museums.

Please join us in celebrating a visionary collection – one assembled for the benefit of current and future generations.