On view June 9 to Nov. 21, 2023

PhotograpHER highlights photographic works created by women from the Nerman Museum’s permanent collection. Though each artist presents their subject employing different visual strategies, all the works are full of mood, color and atmosphere. Whether the artists capture inanimate objects or insert themselves directly into the frame, a certain vibrancy is evident.

Several works represent a moment in time—a beam of sunlight, the delicate and strange beauty of wildflowers, a quiet interior space. Other works feature figures looking directly at the viewer, appearing self-possessed amid cultural and historical signifiers. Each scene calls for careful looking to parse the artists’ detailed compositions.

The artists employ the female gaze to draw our attention to the things that we see yet may never really attend to, to the assumptions we make every day to simply move through our lives with ease. Reflecting on these photographs, we are made aware of our own gaze, observing ourselves in the act of looking.

Artists featured in this exhibition: Uta Barth, Sheila Pree Bright, Martine Gutierrez, Portia Munson, Wendy Red Star, and Cara Romero.